Our Picks

Nerissa Outdoor Sconce

14”W x 12”H x 15”D

from $395

Vic Outdoor Sconce

8”W x 14”H x 5.57”D

from $1,785

Fulcrum Sconce

6”-12”D x 28”H

from $2,390

Huntley sconce

3.5”W x 24”H x 4.75”D

from $2,685

ICI Sconce

14”H x 7”D

from $2,250

Rousseau Sconce

22”H x 4.25”W x 2.75”D

from $695

Alabaster Sconce

6.5”H x 5.5” diameter

from $895

Precision Flush Light

3.5”H x 12.5” square

from $1,150

ADA Sconce

9”W x 5.75”H x 3.5”D

from $495

Pivot Sconce

7” diameter x 8.5”H

from $1,950

Wickman Sconce

7”W x 11”H x 22”D

from $1,580

Lodge Extension Sconce

12”H x 5”W x 8”D

from $1,075

Francis Loop Pendant

5”H x 13” diameter

from $440

Globe Series Pendant

10”, 12”, or 14” diameter

from $1,950

Lauriston Pendant

7”H x 12” diameter

from $2,055

Bari Pendant

18”H x 24” diameter

from $6,175

Gabriel Chandelier

43”W x 23 ½”D x 36 ½”H

Price upon request

French Ball Globe

16” or 20” diameter

from $7,250

2×4 Leather Pendant

4’, 6’, or 8’ length

from $2,800

Art Sconce

3″W x 9″H x 10”D

from $1,450

Eugene Art Light

24”W x 5”H x 9”D

from $1,850

Barcelona Chandelier

21”H x 43” diameter

Price upon request

Veranda Pendant

21”H x 30” diameter

from $1,950

Prometheus Smoky Quartz Chandelier

6”H x 35” diameter

from $9,590

Branch V Chandelier

30”H x 59” diameter

from $4,950

Barrett Lamp

9”W x 36”L x 17”-30”H

from $1,325

Atollo Lamp

10”, 15”, or 20” diameter

from $995


Alternate finish options are available
Pricing and availability are subject to change

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